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2021 343rd day.

There are many proposals for far-reaching spelling reforms that would change
the spelling of every word in the English language. There are even at least
two proposals for replacing the use of the Latin alphabet with a new one made
just for the English language. However, these proposals are unlikely to get 
much traction, because of the vast "installed base" of English books, 
websites, and so on that use the version of English spelling that was 
standardized around the 17th century. 

I have a more simple proposal: A list of 40 words that we could start 
spelling in a better way, without disturbing the edifice of English 
orthography too much. I call it "spelling reform wun" as it is inspired by
Douglas Crockford's choice to spell the number one as wun in a book of his
that I read recently.

The first category of words that we could spell in a better way are "one" and
its derivative "once", as well as "son", "done", "does", "was", and "of". 
In each of these the vowel is a short "u" and should be spelled as such. 
Thus, wun, wunce, sunn, dunn, duz, wuz, and uv.

The second category consists of common words where a final E is written but 
doesn't make the vowel long. These are "give", "have", "are", "were", "where",
and "there". The new spellings are giv, hav, arr, werr, whair, thair.

The third and fourth categories are both sets of words with "gh". In the third
category are words where "gh" is pronounced like an "f". That is, "laugh",
"tough", "rough", "enough", "cough". These should be spelled laff, 
tuff, ruff, enuff, coff.

The fourth category is the largest and contains words with a silent "gh".
That is, "bought", "brought" "caught", "dough", "drought", "fought", 
"ought", "sought", "taught", "though", "thought", "through", "thorough". 
To be spelled as: baut, braut, caut, doh, drout, faut, aut, saut, taut, 
tho, thaut, thru, thurro.

The fifth category consists of common words with a silent letter. These are:
"doubt", "debt", "island", "would", "should", "could". To be spelled as:
dout, dett, iland, wudd, shudd, cudd.

Miscellanea: "great" -> grait, "four" -> forr, "weird" -> weerd.

If we cudd fix these 40 words' spellings, then it wudd go a grait way toward
a more consistent spelling system for English.

one -> wun        were -> wer       thorough -> thurro  caught -> caut
once -> wunce     where -> whair    dough -> doh        doubt -> dout
done -> dunn      there -> thair    bought -> baut      debt -> dett
does -> duz       laugh -> laff     fought -> faut      island -> iland
son -> sunn       tough -> tuff     sought -> saut      would -> wudd
of -> uv          rough -> ruff     ought -> aut        could -> cudd
was -> wuz        enough  enuff     brought -> braut    should -> shudd
give -> giv       cough -> coff     thought -> thaut    four -> forr
have -> hav       though -> tho     drought -> drout    great -> grait
are -> ar         through -> thru   taught -> taut      weird -> weerd

p.s. also "naught" -> naut, "fraught" -> fraut, "wrought" -> wraut