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un-gridded Go is a game similar to the classic game go, but does not use a 
grid on the board. It is played with stones, circular game pieces in black 
or white. Each stone's diameter is one 'unit'. The board is a circle 19 units 
in diameter.

On each player's turn, they may place a stone anywhere on the board, except 
they cannot place a stone overlapping another stone.

A stone stays on the board until it has no liberties. A liberty is an area
not overlapping other stones, bounded by two rays emanating from the centre 
of the stone 30 degrees apart, and by an arc between the two rays, 0.7 units 
from the edge of the stone.

A stone is connected to every stone which is placed within a distance, 
centre-to-centre, of 1.3 units. This connection is transitive and 
symmetric. A group of mutually connected stones share their liberties.