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This file is in UTF-8.
To test your terminal's font, do:
telnet 80
GET /cp437
It tests whether all characters from CP-437 exist in your font. These 
characters are required for Dwarf Fortress. The below should contain 11 
lines of text, each 16 columns long. No character should be overlapping 
any other characters, and the descriptions below here should be true.
~Ascii Omitted~⌂
ÇüéâäàåçêëèïîìÄÅ    All the accented characters should look similar to  
ÉæÆôöòûùÿÖÜ¢£¥₧ƒ    non-accented counterparts. If they do not, you may
áíóúñѪº¿⌐¬½¼¡«»    be falling back to another font.
░▒▓│┤╡╢╖╕╣║╗╝╜╛┐     \     On these three lines, for aesthetics
└┴┬├─┼╞╟╚╔╩╦╠═╬╧      } <- the characters should be touching
╨╤╥╙╘╒╓╫╪┘┌█▄▌▐▀     /     the ones around them.