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Abcedarium anglico latinum, pro tyrunculis Richardo Hulœto exscriptore 1552 Link

The interpreter, or, Booke containing the signification of words 1607 link

The Guide into Tongues John Minshew 1627 Link

Etymologicon linguae anglicanae Stephen Skinner 1671 link

The Glossographia Anglicana Nova of Thomas Blount 1707 Link

Dictionarium Anglo-britannicum John Kersey 1708 link

The dictionary of Samuel Johnson 1755 Vol 1 Vol 2

Deformities of Dr. Samuel Johnson John Callander 1782 link

A pronouncing and spelling dictionary link

The Royal English Dictionary 1771 link

A universal etymological dictionary 1775 link

A compendious dictionary of the English language by Noah Webster 1806 link

Oxford English Dictionary 1st Edition
A-B C D-E F-G H-K L-N O-P Q-Sh Si-St Su-Th Ti-U V-Z Supplement

webster's dictionary 1864 link

A concise dictionary of middle English by Mayhew, Skeat. 1887 link

Fowler, dictionary of modern english usage 1926 link


An Etymological Dictionary of the Scottish Language John Jamieson 1808 A-K L-Z


A Galic and English dictionary 1780 link


A large dictionary, Francis Holyoake, 1677 link

Ambrosii Calepini dictionarium 1681 vol 1 vol 2

Glossarium ad scriptores mediae et infimae latinitatis A-B C-D E-K L-O P-R S-Z


a dictionary of french and english, Cotgrave, Randle, 1611 link

The French verbs, or A new grammar, in the form of a dictionary 1773 link

Dictionnaire étymologique de la langue française, 3ed. 1870 link

Dictionaire italien, latin, et françois link

Dictionnaire étymologique de patois lyonnais 1887 link

Grammaire et dictionnaire du patois bourbonnais 1904 link

Dictionnaire du patois saintongeais 1867 link

Glossaire étymologique anglo-normand 1884 link

Dictionnaire du patois normand 1849 link


Focalóir gaoidhilge-sax-bhéarla, or An Irish-English dictionary 1768 link

Sanas Gaoidhilge-Sagsbhearla Irish-English dictionary Edward O'Reilly 1817 link


Antiquæ Linguæ Britannicæ Thesaurus 1753 link

A dictionry of the Welsh language, William Owen 1803 A-F G-Y


Diccionario etimológico de la lengua castellana 1856 link


Dictionarivm saxonico-latino-anglicum 1659 link


Vocabolario degli Accademici della Crusca 1741 A-C D-I L-P Q-S T-Z


a visual dictionary in Tibetan link


An essay towards a real character, and a philosophical language by Wilkins, John 1668 link

Dictionary of Volapük : Volapük-English, English-Volapük 1889 link


A domestic cyclopædia of practical information 1878 link

The Encyclopædia Britannica 1910 11th ed.
vol 01 vol 02 vol 03 vol 04 vol 05 vol 06 vol 07 vol 08 vol 09 vol 10
vol 11 vol 12 vol 13 vol 14 vol 15 vol 16 vol 17 vol 18 vol 19 vol 20
vol 21 vol 22 vol 23 vol 24 vol 25 vol 26 vol 27 vol 28 vol 29 (index)